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GeoTrust True Business ID with EV

540.00 $ Save  17 %
450.00 $ Triennially
Make a strong security statement with the green address bar. GeoTrust® True BusinessID with EV (Extended Validation) is our premium business-class SSL security product, visually confirming the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates. The green bar says it all. Web site visitors really notice when the address bar turns green in their high-security browsers and the organization field starts to rotate between your business name and GeoTrust.

DigiCert Secure Site EV

2550.00 $ Save  18 %
2100.00 $ Triennially
Secure Site Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates protect your most valuable assets–your customers and your brand–from phishing scams and online fraud.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV

3900.00 $ Save  13 %
3400.00 $ Triennially
Secure Site Pro EV SSL is the highest authentication with extra features for comprehensive website security and robust protection against identity-targeted attacks.
Visual Verification of Your Website's Credibility

What are Extended Validation (EV) certificates?

EV certificates, these certificates provide an enhanced browsing experience for users by prominently displaying the company or organization's name in green in the browser's address bar. This visual verification allows visitors to have additional confidence in the identity and credibility of the website. Extended validation is characterized by an intensive verification process of the site and the organization, verifying the accuracy of the company's information, such as the business name, physical address, and legal registration. 
SSL certificates for Extended Validation (EV) Secure your website and adorn it with trust and security. - What are Extended Validation (EV) certificates?
Ensuring Security and Trust

Details of your website's Extended Validation SSL certificate

With Extended Validation SSL certificates from Linkysoft, explore the world of trust and security for your website with an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate, which provides the highest levels of protection for your online presence. The certificate details are clearly displayed, including the issuing certificate authority reference, validity status updates, and issuer company data, with a focus on specifying the expiration date for complete assurance. 
SSL certificates for Extended Validation (EV) Secure your website and adorn it with trust and security. - Details of your website's Extended Validation SSL certificate
Protecting Your Data is Paramount

The importance of trusted Enterprise SSL certificates

Using SSL certificates for your website comes to enhance security and protection, as these certificates encrypt communications between the visitor's browser and the web server, enhancing trust and ensuring the safety of visitors' data and personal information, ensuring a secure and risk-free browsing experience, and contributing to building a positive reputation for your site by providing a trusted and reliable online environment.
SSL certificates for Extended Validation (EV) Secure your website and adorn it with trust and security. - The importance of trusted Enterprise SSL certificates
SSL Certificates for Extended Verification

Benefits of Using Extended Validation SSL Certificates to Protect Your Website

Trust Seal

Extended Validation SSL certificates come with a trusted trust seal, which enhances the trust of your website visitors and boosts customer conversions. Thanks to this reliable seal, your audience will feel safe and secure while interacting with your site, increasing the chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Protection of Your Information

Extended Validation SSL certificates provide strong encryption for information transmitted between the browser and the server, ensuring its effective protection against unauthorized interception and hacking. Allow users to shop and conduct transactions with complete confidence, knowing that their data is secure.

Enterprise Identity Assurance

Trust and security with Extended Validation SSL certificates, as these certificates establish a strong foundation for securing data and protecting online communications. They make it easier for customers to verify the authenticity and ownership of the enterprise, thereby enhancing trust and transparency in all electronic transactions.

Google Search Results

Elevate your site to the top of Google search results by adding an Extended Validation SSL certificate. With the protection provided by the SSL certificate, your site's rankings in search results will rise, attracting more visitors and boosting customer confidence. Ensure a safe website experience.

$1.5 Million Warranty Guarantee

Invest in the security of your site with Extended Validation SSL certificates, which come with a $1.5 million warranty guarantee covering data breaches resulting from any certificate malfunction. This guarantee ensures complete protection of your sensitive data and information, providing you with peace of mind.

Prominent Visual Identity

Make your website stand out with absolute confidence through full identity verification and prominent visual features. Depending on your verification certificate, your site's identity will be clearly confirmed, increasing its credibility and laying a solid foundation for your visitors to interact with confidence and assurance.

Diverse SSL Certificates: Choose the Right One for Your Security Needs
Whether you're looking for a Domain Validation (DV) certificate for basic protection that requires domain verification, prefer an Extended Validation (EV) certificate that enhances visitor trust by displaying authenticated company information, or need advanced protection with a Wildcard SSL certificate that secures a wide range of subdomains, we have the perfect solutions for you. Choose the certificate that suits your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Validation SSL Certificates

What are Extended Validation SSL (EV) Certificates?

Extended Validation SSL (EV) certificates are digital security certificates that provide a high level of security and trust for websites. These certificates come with Extended Validation, which requires intensive verification processes for the identity and legitimacy of the company or organization that owns the website. EV certificates are issued after thorough verification of the organization's data, making them reliably authenticate the company's identity to users.
EV certificates are distinguished by appearing with a green mark in the browser's address bar, providing a clear visual distinction for users that the site has an EV certificate. This prominent visual verification gives visitors more confidence and assurance that the necessary steps have been taken to confirm the identity of the website and the business they are visiting, increasing user confidence in the website and its credibility.
EV certificates rely on strong encryption technology to protect data transmitted between the browser and the server, effectively safeguarding it from unauthorized interception and hacking. This allows users to shop and conduct transactions online with full confidence, enhancing trust in the digital experience, boosting sales, and building brand loyalty.
By using EV certificates, websites can enhance trust and transparency in electronic transactions, and build stronger relationships with their audience. EV certificates are an excellent choice for companies and organizations that care about ensuring security and credibility for users and want to maximize the user experience online.

A New Era of Security and Trust

Secure your website and adorn it with trust. Get Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV) now.

Embark on a new level of security and professionalism with Extended Validation SSL (EV) certificates. Protect your website from intrusion and give it a touch of trust and credibility provided by the distinctive green trust seal. Start today by purchasing your certificate to achieve the highest level of protection and safety online.