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CodeGuard Backup Pricing Plans

1GB Lite

2.09 $ Monthly
1GB Plan for Students, personal projects, testing us out

5GB Personal

3.49 $ Monthly
5GB For Personal websites, student projects, any individual

10GB Professional

6.28 $ Monthly
10GB for larger personal sites to small and medium-sized business websites

25GB Business

13.97 $ Monthly
25GB for medium to large business websites

50GB Business Plus

20.95 $ Monthly
50GB for large business websites

100GB Power

34.91 $ Monthly
100GB for E-commerce, web apps, complex sites, global brands, agencies with various departments

200GB Power Plus

55.86 $ Monthly
200GB for power users, enterprise, E-commerce, web apps, complex sites, global brands, agencies with various departments
What is website backup from CodeGuard?

Automatic website backup with advanced technological features.

Automatic website backup with the ability to restore backups at any time with the option to take screenshots to facilitate the recovery process. Automatic virus scanning, as well as CodeGuard service allowing automatic updates for WordPress plugins, enhancing site performance and security. To monitor file changes, the service provides detailed and updated reports that facilitate the detection of any unauthorized modifications. Additionally, CodeGuard provides a renewable digital archive for backups.
CodeGuard Website Backup Services to Professionally Secure Your Site - Automatic website backup with advanced technological features.
Securing Your Digital Business

Efficient Website Backup with CodeGuard

Facing digital threats requires constant vigilance and readiness, as websites are continuously exposed to danger. Every 0.65 seconds, web pages are targeted by malware, posing risks of data loss and corruption. To protect your site from these growing threats, the reliable automatic backup service from CodeGuard comes into play, with daily automatic backups ensuring the safety of your data and protecting it from loss.
CodeGuard Website Backup Services to Professionally Secure Your Site - Efficient Website Backup with CodeGuard
How Does CodeGuard Backup Work?

Automatic Backup to Preserve Your Website's Security.

CodeGuard takes automatic daily snapshots of your website, including backups of all files and databases associated with your site, ensuring data continuity and safeguarding it from loss and corruption. With daily snapshots, you can easily restore your entire site or specific files to a previous version at any time, facilitating quick and accurate data recovery in case of any issues. CodeGuard comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to manage backup and restoration operations with ease.
CodeGuard Website Backup Services to Professionally Secure Your Site - Automatic Backup to Preserve Your Website's Security.
Ensuring Safety

Benefits of CodeGuard Backup Service from Linkysoft

The CodeGuard backup service provided by Linkysoft offers a reliable and effective solution for protecting websites. CodeGuard provides peace of mind about the safety of your sensitive data through a range of innovative features, including daily automatic snapshots that back up files and databases.

Daily Backups

Backups are automatically performed daily and stored securely off-site. With built-in automation, you can rest assured that your data is protected and regularly backed up, maintaining the safety and stability of your site in emergencies.

Unlimited Backups

Enjoy peace of mind with the ability to create unlimited backups of files and databases without any restrictions. This feature ensures that your data is preserved without worrying about limits, with storage being the only constraint.

File Change Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind and continuous monitoring of your site by receiving instant email notifications whenever there is a change in the source code of your site. You can take immediate action to ensure the stability and security of your site.

Easy File Restoration

simple restoration process allows you to quickly restore a single file or your entire website to a previous version. With this feature, you can confidently address any unwanted changes or issues, stability of your online presence.

Email Backup

Enjoy comprehensive protection for your email messages with backups from CodeGuard, created automatically as part of your website files. provides you with complete peace of mind knowing that your digital data is fully protected.

Pre-Restoration Testing

you can quickly test any saved backup using simple and automated tools. This feature allows you to detect any potential issues or conflicts in the backup version before restoration, improving the speed and accuracy of the recovery process.

Automatic WordPress Updates

The system automatically updates your WordPress site and its plugins without manual intervention, ensuring its security and protection against potential threats. In case of issues, the restoration process is executed automatically.

Automatic Backup and Notifications

Daily backups are automatically performed without the need for manual intervention, ensuring the continuous safety of your data. Email notifications are also sent in case of any issues, ensuring you can monitor your website's status quickly.

Malware Scanning

CodeGuard takes on the responsibility of automatically scanning your site daily to ensure there is no malware, ensuring the safety of your site and protecting it from potential security threats. scanning is done continuously and regularly.

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions about website backup with CodeGuard from Linkysoft

What is CodeGuard website backup from Linkysoft?

CodeGuard website backup from Linkysoft is a service that offers innovative and effective solutions to protect websites. CodeGuard allows for automatic and daily backups of websites and their databases, helping to maintain data integrity and quickly restore it in case of issues such as security breaches or website failures.
CodeGuard features include:
1. Automatic Backup: Backups are created automatically without manual intervention, ensuring data is protected continuously and regularly.
2. Easy Restoration: Websites can be easily restored to their previous state at any time when needed, either completely or partially, without complications.
3. Multi-layered Protection: CodeGuard provides multi-layered protection for websites, including malware scanning and unauthorized change verification.
In summary, CodeGuard provides a comprehensive solution for website backup and restoration, ensuring data safety and website stability online.

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