Pricing Plans of Advanced Website Protection System SiteLock

Billing Cycle


24.99 $ Annually
Scans your sites for malware and vulnerabilities


179.88 $ Save  44 %
99.99 $ Annually
Finds and removes malicious code automatically


599.88 $ Save  50 %
299.99 $ Annually
Find, fix and prevent threats with website acceleration


199.99 $ One Time
Immediate emergency assistance in the event of a compromise to recover your website.

Professional Security for Your Website with SiteLock™

With SiteLock™ website protection service, you can rest assured that your website enjoys the highest levels of protection and security. The daily malware scanning feature in SiteLock™ is one of its most important features, where your site is regularly scanned to detect any potential vulnerabilities or known malicious code. Thanks to its advanced technologies, SiteLock™ automatically removes these weak points and malicious code.
SiteLock Website Protection Services Professional Technologies to Protect Your Website Online - Professional Security for Your Website with SiteLock™
How does SiteLock work to protect the website?

Providing a comprehensive solution for protecting your website

SiteLock Website Protection Services Professional Technologies to Protect Your Website Online - Providing a comprehensive solution for protecting your website
SiteLock Website Protection Services Professional Technologies to Protect Your Website Online - Providing a comprehensive solution for protecting your website
SiteLock Website Protection Services Professional Technologies to Protect Your Website Online - Providing a comprehensive solution for protecting your website
Comprehensive security analysis

Types of issues detected by SiteLock

Malware Scans

SiteLock performs thorough daily scans of your website files to detect and address malware. If any malware is found, you are immediately notified of the threat, and SiteLock has the capability to automatically remove the malware, effectively protecting your website.

detection of common vulnerabilities

SiteLock conducts specialized scans of your website applications to identify common vulnerabilities that could lead to intrusions and cyberattacks. With this precise scan, you can discover weaknesses in your applications and address them before attackers exploit them.

Automatic security vulnerability patching

Equipped with the necessary technology to automatically patch security vulnerabilities in content management systems. With this effective technological capability, SiteLock can identify security vulnerabilities in content management systems such as WordPress, and others.

Fortify Your Website with SiteLock

Advanced and Effective Website Protection to Safeguard Your Data and Visitors

SiteLock is the ultimate solution for enhancing security and protecting your website from cyber threats, offering a comprehensive set of leading features including daily malware scanning, automatic security vulnerability patching, automatic malware removal, automatic file cleanup, unauthorized activity monitoring, DDoS protection, and more.

Proactive Monitoring

This security system provides the ability to monitor and detect any malware on your website early. SiteLock instantly alerts you upon discovering any potential threats, giving you the opportunity to take immediate action to protect your website and data.

Automatic Malware Removal

This security system ensures immediate and secure protection. If any malware is detected during the scanning process, SiteLock intervenes automatically to safely remove the malware, protecting your website, data, and visitors from cyber threats effectively.

TrueShield™ Firewall

Fortify your website with the highest level of security and protection using the TrueShield™ firewall from SiteLock. This powerful firewall works to protect your website from intruders and cyber attacks effectively, ensuring the continuity of your online business.

OWASP Standards

Provides protection against the top 10 security vulnerabilities in web applications according to OWASP, Open Web Application Security Project. SiteLock ensures comprehensive analysis of your website to identify and correct common security vulnerabilities.

Content Delivery Network

Enhance the experience of your website visitors and accelerate their online performance by distributing your website globally. Using global distribution technologies, you can present your website to visitors from the nearest location to them quickly.

Protect Your Website's Reputation

Ensure the safety of your website and maintain its reputation online. Through early detection of malware, daily scanning operations can identify potential threats before they infiltrate your website, avoiding inclusion in search engine blacklists.

Recovery Security

SiteLock's Premium Services for Rapid Repair and Maintenance of Hacked Websites.

If your website is compromised and under attack, there's no need to worry. With SiteLock Emergency Response, you can get the urgent assistance you need to quickly and securely restore your website. SiteLock provides a specialized team of experts in cybersecurity who work to analyze and rectify any security vulnerabilities and immediately remove malware.

1 Immediate Response in 30 Minutes

With SiteLock Rapid Response, we guarantee the fastest response time possible in the event of a breach or attack on your website. Our specialized team is activated to analyze and work on restoring your site within just 30 minutes of receiving the notification.

2 Manual Cleaning When Necessary

If our automatic technology is unable to fully remove harmful content, our alternative manual cleaning service is efficient and reliable. Our specialized team is activated to perform meticulous and effective manual cleaning, ensuring the comprehensive removal.

3 Fast Access and Priority

With SiteLock's Exceptional Emergency Package, you can quickly and easily access top priority for immediate support and emergency assistance. This package ensures priority in the response of our specialized team, allowing you to receive assistance.

4 Continuous Monitoring

We guarantee you peace of mind and security even after the recovery process. We will continue to monitor your website for 7 days after recovery to ensure that it remains free from malware and cyber threats. Our specialized team ensures continuous analysis.

5 Real-Time Progress Tracking

We provide you with a transparent and reliable experience during the cleaning and restoration process of your site. We ensure real-time progress tracking, allowing you to access our continuous updates throughout the cleaning and restoration process.

6 No Fees or Recurring Subscriptions

We offer you one-time emergency service without any fees or recurring subscriptions. This service allows you instant access to support and assistance in emergency situations, without the need for additional fees or subscriptions to recurring plans.

Answering Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SiteLock's Service for Protecting Websites and Ensuring Their Safety.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a specialized service for protecting websites and ensuring their safety and security on the web. This service allows website owners to protect their sites from various cyber threats, such as malware, hacking, hybrid attacks, Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and other cyber threats. SiteLock relies on advanced technologies and effective tools to analyze, monitor, and rectify security vulnerabilities on websites, in addition to cleaning and restoring procedures in case of a breach. SiteLock aims to provide a safe and reliable environment for websites online, helping to protect their reputation and maintain their presence on the web without disruption or negative impact.

Ensuring Your Website's Security

Protect your website and get instant safety with advanced website protection services from SiteLock.

 Do you want to protect your website from cyber threats and maintain the safety of your data and reputation on the web? Discover SiteLock's advanced website protection services now. At Linkysoft, we provide you with the security and confidence you need, with our advanced protection and immediate response to any threats. Start now to secure your website with SiteLock and enjoy the peace of mind and strong protection for your site on the web.