Easy and smooth transfer for your domain in 3 simple steps with Linkysoft

1 Enter the current domain name.

Enter the domain name you want to transfer and start your journey with Linkysoft.

2 Get the verification code.

Obtain your verification code from the current registrar to confirm the domain transfer.

3 Confirm the transfer via email.

After receiving the verification code, confirm the domain transfer through the email.

Transfer your domain to your Linkysoft account and enjoy amazing benefits.

Business Email

Get a business email account with all hosting plans. Create a custom email account linked to your domain, showcasing a professional appearance for effective communication with your customers and partners.

Free SSL Certificate

Obtain a free SSL certificate for your domain, securing visitor information with safe encryption. Adorn your website with a clear security signal. Benefit from digital security without additional costs.

Domain Lock

Protect your domain with an additional lock to prevent any unauthorized attempts to transfer the domain. Maintain control and secure ownership, adding an extra layer of protection for your domain.

DNS Management

Gain full control over managing the Domain Name System (DNS) for your domain. Customize and configure DNS settings freely, directing traffic with more power and flexibility to meet your site's needs perfectly.

Automatic Renewal

Enjoy the ease of continuous domain ownership with automatic renewal. We are here to make the renewal process hassle-free, activating automatic renewal to ensure the continuous ownership of your domain without interruptions.

Complete Control

Get complete control to update domain owner data, manage server names, and utilize all domain management features. We provide you with an easy-to-use interface, making your modifications and updates enjoyable and efficient.

Why Choose Linkysoft?

the perfect companion for transferring, registering, and managing your domains securely and effortlessly.

Protect the Privacy of Your Domain and Personal Information

Ensure the privacy of your domain and personal information with Linkysoft. We offer an effective service to protect domain owner information and prevent its publication on the internet. As privacy pioneers, rest assured that your data is completely secure, as we provide WHOIS protection to hide your personal contact details. Enjoy online safety with us, where you can rely on Linkysoft to safeguard your information's privacy and prevent unauthorized access, contributing to a safe and reliable digital experience.
Domain Transfer Benefit from a smooth and reliable domain transfer experience - Protect the Privacy of Your Domain and Personal Information

Unlimited Subdomains

Unleash boundless creativity with Linkysoft! Get unlimited subdomains and explore more possibilities for your website. Whether managing a personal site or leading a massive business project, our exceptional services provide you with unlimited subdomains without restrictions. Unleash your creativity, expand the scope of your digital vision effortlessly, without limitations. Depend on Linkysoft to provide unlimited subdomains, giving yourself limitless capability for expansion and integration in the web world.
Domain Transfer Benefit from a smooth and reliable domain transfer experience - Unlimited Subdomains

Comprehensive Domain Management Control Panel

Enjoy a comprehensive and easy-to-use domain management control panel with Linkysoft. We offer you an innovative and efficient user interface to manage your domain with ease. From easily editing DNS records to configuring domain redirection without hassle, you can perform all these operations and more effortlessly on our efficient control panel. Benefit from complete control and enjoy managing your domain smoothly. And if you encounter any challenges, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you at every step of the way.
Domain Transfer Benefit from a smooth and reliable domain transfer experience - Comprehensive Domain Management Control Panel

Domain Pricing Overview

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support to Meet Your Needs Anytime.

When it comes to customer support at Linkysoft, we are talking about constant readiness to serve you. At Linkysoft, we take pride in providing 24/7 technical support, giving you peace of mind and confidence that we are here to assist you at any moment. Whether you are facing technical challenges or have inquiries about our services, we are always ready to respond and provide the support that meets your expectations. Join us today and experience a genuine commitment to continuous support because your success begins here.
Domain Transfer Benefit from a smooth and reliable domain transfer experience -  24/7 Technical Support to Meet Your Needs Anytime.
Successfully Transfer Your Domain in Seconds!

Steps to Transfer Your Domain to Your Linkysoft Account

Steps to Transfer Your Domain to Your Linkysoft Account
Follow these steps for a smooth domain transfer:
1. Ensure it has been more than 60 days since the domain registration or the last transfer.
2. The domain status should not be in a pending delete or redemption state.
3. Confirm that you have the EPP code for the domain.
4. Disable Whois privacy protection before starting the transfer process.
By completing these steps, you'll have an easy and efficient domain transfer experience, and our support team is ready to assist at any time.
Domain Transfer Benefit from a smooth and reliable domain transfer experience - Steps to Transfer Your Domain to Your Linkysoft Account

Comprehensive Understanding of Domain Registration and Transfer

Explore the most common questions about domain registration and transfer to get accurate and quick answers.

What is a Domain?

1. Domain Name:
 - It is the front part of the domain, representing the unique name used to identify the website. For example, in "example.com," "example" is the domain name.
2. Domain Extension (Top-Level Domain - TLD):
   - It is the back part of the domain, indicating the type of site or entity the domain belongs to. For example, in "example.com," ".com" is the domain extension.
Domains are used to specify website addresses on the internet, making it easier for people to remember and access sites using web browsers by entering domain names instead of numerical IP addresses.

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