The Affiliate Marketing Program Values Your Efforts.

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1 Joining the program is as easy as signing up for free and activating your subscription in seconds.

2 After subscription Get your unique link and distribute it, promoting it to your friends or clients.

3 Track visits, clicks, and subscriptions, and monitor your earnings automatically in your account.

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Affiliate Marketing Program Continuous Profits, Marketing Program That Makes Your Dreams Come True. - A real and ideal commission rate
Affiliate Marketing Program Continuous Profits, Marketing Program That Makes Your Dreams Come True. - Tracking Clicks and Subscriptions Reliably
Affiliate Marketing Program Continuous Profits, Marketing Program That Makes Your Dreams Come True. - Ease of Subscription and Joining Effortlessly

90 days of cookies

The opportunity ensures you commission on any payment transaction made within a period of up to 90 days, even if the customer takes time to purchase the service. This increases the likelihood of revenue while allowing the customer more time to make a purchasing decision.

$10 joining bonus

Enjoy a $10 bonus when you join for the first time, without any additional conditions or extra fees applied. The value of the gift is automatically added to your account balance, giving you an immediate opportunity to benefit from this offer without any hassle or complications.

Full Monthly Reports

Enjoy comprehensive monthly reports automatically sent to your email, including information on profits, visits, and clicks. The system also features advanced analytics and educational courses for better understanding and success in the affiliate marketing program.

Common Questions About Affiliate Marketing Program

How does the affiliate marketing system work?

The affiliate marketing system is a marketing model based on a partnership between us as LinkySoft and our partners (or marketers) (you), where you promote our products or services in exchange for a commission for each sale or specific action made through your efforts. The system works as follows:
  1. Registration and joining: You as a marketer register in our affiliate marketing program.
  2. Getting a marketing link: You are provided with a special link known as the affiliate link, which is used to track the operations done through your efforts.
  3. Promotion and marketing: You, the marketer, promote the products or services through various channels such as websites, social media, email, etc., using your marketing link to direct potential customers to the company's (LinkySoft) site.
  4. Tracking operations and sales: The advertising company tracks the operations and sales made through the partners' marketing links (you).
  5. Commission payment: The marketer (you) receives a specific commission for each sale or specified action made through their efforts, according to the agreement made with the advertising company. The current value is 20% renewable on every payment made by any customer for any of the operations.
In this way, both the advertising company benefits from promoting its products, and the partner (you) benefits from a commission for their marketing and advertising efforts.

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