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Through your new webwebsite, you can reach more customers, grow your business, build your business identity on the Internet, and increase your customers' confidence in your brand. Today, most of the growing businesses have become webwebsites with standard, stable and secure specifications.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Personal web design is the best way for a person to communicate with the whole world. Say hello to the world through your personal webwebsite, whether you are a photographer, painter, writer, technician, developer, or have skills or want to present your resume to achieve your goals. Building and developing your personal webwebsite is The perfect way to achieve your goals.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Design and development of blogs and magazines.

Creating and developing personal blogs or magazine websites for newspapers or media organizations is one of the most successful projects now in the digital age, where people use the Internet more than books to search for information and reading, you can create a blog to publish articles, photos, videos, votes, opinions and earn money through ads or in other ways.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Designing companies and institutions webwebsites.

Linkysoft provides building and developing webwebsites for companies and institutions and creating a complete visual identity for the company via the Internet, to display company information such as products, services, company biography, means of communication and news, with a dynamic control panel to manage the content of corporate webwebsites. Today, leading companies have their own webwebsites, as the need has become The webwebsite is mandatory for building and developing business and ease of communication.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Design and development of e-commerce webwebsites.

Selling your products on your local website is limited by the number of sales. Today, companies are looking forward to the arrival and marketing of their products everywhere, as the ease of shipping and delivering products has become easier than before, and receiving online payments has become easy and simple through payment gateways, so creating and designing an online store To sell your physical or digital products online, we provide great solutions and design an online store with the identity of your products. Through the online store, you can increase your sales and increase the trust and organization of your customers.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Design and development of application programming interfaces. ( API )

In the event that you want to create a mobile application for the Android or IOS system, most mobile applications need databases to record data on them, for example, registering customers, administrators, orders, etc. Depending on the purpose of the application, Linkysoft provides powerful solutions, and because we are a leading company in building APIs, we can implement Application programming interfaces, with stable and secure standard state standards, as we are pioneers in building custom systems in various fields of business because of our long experience in programming languages and databases.

Design and Development of Personal Webwebsites.

Design and development of custom webwebsites.

In Linkysoft, we adopt professional methods in building and developing custom webwebsites. We believe that organizing work and arranging it in steps is the perfect solution for the success of your webwebsite. We receive the general idea of ​​building your webwebsite and analyze it through our data analysis expert, then we create Wire Frame UI /UX for your project, then implemented by the developers, then tested, and other more complex steps to ensure the safety and security of your webwebsite, so we provide customized web design services for any purpose, just contact us to start building your idea online.

Why choose Linkysoft to run your business?

Linkysoft has a variety of leading products and services for all individuals, businesses, companies and institutions, and hosting services that are managed by our server experts. It will be the right decision for you and your peace of mind in managing and building your business online.

Reliable Systems

Linkysoft systems are international systems that have been developed over the years and are used in many countries of the world. They have proven their reliability, efficiency and stability and have been developed professionally by expert developers.

Automated installation

You get the full product without any restrictions, and the product is automatically installed on your webwebsite using the domain you chose, with the management and control of the system to suit your business.

Automatic update

There is no need to waste time following the latest version of the products, the product is updated automatically and you are notified of new updates via e-mail, with the ability to update with the click of a button.

Online systems

All Linkysoft products are online products, which increases your confidence and eliminates anxiety about losing your data. You can access your product at any time and from anywhere with the availability of mobile applications.

Powerful servers

All Linkysoft servers are configured to be compatible with Linkysoft products, so you don't have to worry about incorrect server settings affecting the stability of the product or your webwebsite.

Technical support 24/7

Linkysoft provides technical support at the highest level of professionalism for all services and products, video tutorials, explanatory articles, and technical support with multiple means of communication from our experienced engineers.

Daily backups

All Linkysoft servers automatically keep a daily backup of all your program files and databases, and save the backup on external servers such as Amazon AWS.

Protection our priority

Protecting our servers and client software is a top priority for us. We rely on professional configuration of servers and tools from security experts such as IMMUNIFY360, websiteLock, DDoS and Firewall. and others.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Because our servers have high infrastructure, data centers, hypercooling, emergency generators, and continuous monitoring, we guarantee you our technology, and that the uptime guarantee is 99.9%.

separate databases

Your product is installed on a separate hosting for your new website, no sharing of databases with other clients or sharing of files, all data is exclusive to your business only.

Hosting features

At the same time, you get hosting features when you get through Linkysoft products, such as creating email accounts with your domain, and managing your hosting account with an easy control panel.

Easy management system

Linkysoft has developed an easy administrative system to manage your account, to manage domains, billing and your requests with us, along with an advanced support request system to provide high technical support for your products and services.

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