What are custom web applications and their implementation scenario?

Custom application development is the design of software applications for users in a company or organization to meet specific business needs. Designing and developing your own custom application addresses specific obligations rather than traditional, standard software.

For example, instead of purchasing a web application or a pre-made system that is generally sold to more than one organization or company that may not meet the needs of this organization or may have security holes or errors that do not help companies and businesses meet the needs, by building and developing a custom web application that is Implementation from scratch based on the organization's goals through standard steps.

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  • An application that achieves the goals of the company or organization with ease of use.
  • It was built based on the objectives of the company or institution. Higher security.
  • Completely exclusive to the institution or company.
  • The ability to develop and improve in the future.
  • Owning the source code.
  • Higher security.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Linkysoft works with international standards to implement customized web applications and systems for all businesses through 5 steps that will implement the project goals.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Idea building, planning and analysis.

Linkysoft experts spend a lot of time drawing up a comprehensive plan keeping your business goals in mind. Together we discuss the features and design of the web application. Then you receive a specification document with information about the project. Continuous contact allows for more fine tuning and approval. Also, we do the calculations to find out the approximate final costs.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Start UI/UX design.

After the implementation of the first stage of receiving the idea, planning and analysis from our analysis experts, the user interface is fully designed, so that you are fully aware of how the user interface of your application will be. We follow international quality standards in implementing the user interface, which ensures that the application works easily and smoothly for all users without complications in use.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Start developing the application.

Now it's time for hard and more complicated work, you can take your time and enjoy the things you love to do. The main stage of web application development is in the development process, and our team of professional programmers and developers are busy coding and writing hundreds of lines of code to build your application. This is the most important and time consuming stage, so we make sure that every part of the development is flawless.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Testing process and quality assurance.

Of course, we all want the final product to function properly. As a result, our QA specialists will thoroughly check the performance of your web application in different browsers, situations, and on different devices. The quality assurance process plays a vital role in the web application development process because it makes sure that your application is error-free and works perfectly.

Custom web application implementation scenario.

Launch your system.

Launching the system or application is the most exciting part of the custom web application development process. After extensive testing and bug fixing, we are introducing a fully customized web app. It is ready to be used for the benefit of your company. After release, we can also provide updates and improvements according to your needs.

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